About me

I’m Jade, and I am a photographer from Cambridgeshire, UK. I have a great love for all types of portraiture and landscape photography. I also love event and wave photography. I feel I have a quirky style, I’m a Canon user along with Olympus Pen F.

Photographic Coverage

If you need hourly, half day or a full day of a professional photographer I can provide services to suit your project and needs.

Before the shoot I always to try schedule a pre-event consultation to discuss the photographic brief and any individual requirements.

Photography shouldn’t cost you the earth. I pride myself on giving a professional affordable service, ideal for any budget.

For more information please get in touch.

Random Facts

Addicted to sunrises and sunsets.

Lover of the ocean but terrified of what’s lurking beneath the water!

Mum to one amazing boy.

Can be bribed with chocolate or cheese!

Thank you for visiting my site.

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